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Rachel Abrams, MD

Body Wise: Your Body’s Intelligence and How to Tune In to It

Dr Rachel Abrams image
  • How most Westerners are out of touch with their bodies
  • The large role emotional wellbeing plays in health
  • Most doctors get only 10 minutes per patient and it isn’t enough
  • The 5 signs of chronic body depletion
  • How a sense of purpose can trigger healing
  • Why strong communities promote resilience and how relationships heal
  • Self talk that gets in the way of healing
  • How small lifestyle changes can spark major turnarounds
  • Why self-love is critical to wellness
  • The 28 day plan to feel good
  • Tuning into your own unique body intelligence
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Suzanne Alfandari

Motivational Interviewing: A Transformation Tool

  • How Motivational Interviewing (MI) can illuminate hidden wisdom within clients
  • Why MI prevents internal opposition from sabotaging change
  • The Dos and Donts of MI
  • MI as a gentle yet directive technique
  • How to use MI with Energy Psychology
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Samir Becic

Fitness Is Spirituality

Samir Becic

Samir Becic has been named the “#1 Fitness Trainer in the World” four times in a row. He’s the founder of Health Fitness Revolution, a non-profit movement that aims to spread the message of health and fitness throughout the world in order to prevent disease and improve quality of life. He’s the author the book ReSync Your Life – a program for people to become a stronger, leaner, smarter, and happier version of themselves in 28 days. His philosophy emphasizes both the physical and spiritual aspects of health and fitness. He and Dawson Church are passionate about this approach, and share many lively insights during their dialog, covering topics such as:

  • Physical fitness > sharper mental focus > heightened spirituality
  • Working with a congregation of 45,000 people at Lakewood Church
  • Pain interferes with your spiritual practice
  • Fitness leads to a deeper experience of God
  • The 5 components of a healthy life
  • Water plays a foundational role in weight loss
  • Top Tip: Start small, e.g. a 10-min walk daily
  • Socialize while moving not while eating
  • The 3 Top Tips are: up your water intake, up your movement, and eliminate simple carbs
  • Next 3 Tips: up your sleep, up your socializing with friends and laughter, and up your personal time in meditation and prayer
  • How do you break the cycle of weight gain?
  • How can you get fit without going to a gym?
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Bill Bengston

The Energy Cure

  • Skeptics are those with strong beliefs
  • Healing is not proprietary
  • The rapid imaging technique – can’t be vague
  • Imagine the healing complete and in the past
  • The more mice in the experiment, the larger the effect
  • Training your consciousness for healing
  • Why does it work poorly for certain conditions like parkinson’s and diabetes?
  • And very well for Alzheimer’s, OCD, cancer, depression and inflammation?
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Cara Bradley

On The Verge

  • Workday Slump? Shift Your State With a 60-Second Moving Meditation
  • Train Your Brain to Focus With Box Breathing
  • 3 Yoga Poses for a More Restful Sleep
  • Distracted Again? Count Five Breaths to Be Here Now
  • Simple Pick-Me-Up Yoga Poses for When You’re Feeling Blue
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Jack Canfield

Manifesting Audacious Goals. Jack Canfield in Conversation With Dawson Church

Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield is the author of The Success Principles and the coauthor of the Chicken Soup series. His Transformational Leadership Council (TLC) brings together leading figures in the field. The movie The Secret was largely filmed at a TLC meeting. Here he and Dawson Church talk about:

  • Formulating really audacious goals
  • You don’t know the final destination when you start
  • The importance of doing what’s right in front of you
  • Stay humble when you enjoy great success
  • How the best ideas come in meditation
  • How the title of the Chicken Soup series
  • Goosebumps are God bumps
  • When your visions don’t work out
  • What differentiates a master manifester from a daydreamer
  • Limiting beliefs of which we’re unconscious
  • How to discern genuine guidance from habit
  • Asking for guidance when you’re faced with a dilemma
  • When answers come from outside
  • Life’s ongoing struggles: aging, weight, exercise
  • You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with
  • Most people don’t live as though their thoughts are profoundly creative
  • Set a goal that’s measurable and huge
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Tabatha Carr, ND

Women’s Health and Wellness Essentials

Jack Canfield

Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND is a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness, focusing on the extremely powerful and effective tools of natural medicine. She is a leading advocate for women combining the power of mind, body, and spirit to bring positive changes to their lives. Dr. Carr recognizes that women today face many personal challenges which can keep them from living a full life, including weight management, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar levels, and adrenal fatigue. She specializes in identifying the root causes of a woman’s symptoms and partners with her clients with the goal of increasing energy, health, and life balance. She and Dawson discuss:

  • Many women are on one diet or another their whole lives.
  • When I was 16 years old, I was over 200 lb, wore women’s size 22 clothing
  • On blood pressure medication, and by 30s on a third medication and 300 lb
  • Pivotal moment when doctor told me I’d probably need a hysterectomy before 40
  • We’re often given medications rather than investigating root cause
  • Emotional and mental attachment to food turned out to be the #1 problem
  • There are many warning signs along the way, the downward slide is progressive
  • Inflammation a response to toxins, stress and dietary overload
  • You have to be mentally ready for change
  • Spirituality is a cornerstone of weight loss
  • Imagine giving advice to your 35 year old self: What’s the first thing to do?
  • Most overweight people are dehydrated. You think you’re hungry, when actually you’re thirsty
  • You must exercise whether you feel like it or not
  • How to assess whether you’re at risk
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Dawson Church, PhD

The Future History of Evolution: Consciousness as an Epigenetic Intervention

  • Human beings have the unique ability to change the expression of many of their genes
  • Those that code for stress hormones like cortisol are regulated by emotions
  • Research shows that meditation, relaxation, and acupressure are all able to change:
    • gene expression
    • downregulating inflammatory genes
    • upregulating immunity gene
  • Our ability to regulate our own gene expression epigenetically has revolutionary implications for both our personal health and our social wellness
  • In this exciting presentation, leading health researcher Dawson Church reviews the science behind epigenetics, and the practices we can use to foster peak health and vitality
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Cherie Clark, PhD

The Man Who Walked Through Walls

Cherie Clark image
  • Making mistakes is the key to success
  • Studying and applying creative thinking
  • How paying attention directs our focus
  • The 8 keys to excellence
  • Synchronized action: Geese flying in formation generate 71% more lift
  • Breathing, stretching, and moving together
  • Muscle testing to demonstrate the debilitating effects of sugar
  • Sugar reduction is especially important in bodies depleted by alcohol or drugs
  • Ken Wines, the man who walked through walls
  • Sentenced to life without parole, in prison since he was 9 years old
  • Wanted to meditate so much that his molecules could pass through the prison walls
  • Getting so clear that you aren’t in prison no matter what your environment
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Mark Coleman

Making Peace With Your Inner Critic

Mark Coleman
  • As a young man, I didn’t like myself, angry at the world
  • The inner critic telling us we’re not good enough
  • Why we’re much harsher on ourselves than others are
  • Why the criticism of your inner critic hurts so much
  • The toolkit to counteract the inner critic
  • How to use thoughts the same way the critic uses them
  • Using mindfulness and compassion to make peace with your mind
  • Practice changes the mind over time
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Charles and Carol Crenshaw

EFT for Meditation

Carol and Charles Crenshaw

Charles and Carol Crenshaw are the authors of EFT for Meditation. Longtime meditators, they show how to apply EFTs techniques to the different styles of meditation. Beginning meditators find it hard to still the body and quiet the mind, and EFTs stress-reduction methods help with both. Charles and Carol show how to use EFT to overcome resistance to meditation, and discover the point of inner peace. The book begins with a quick start guide that gives readers an immediate experience combining tapping for deep meditation. Dawson, Charles and Carol discuss the research using EEG, MRI and gene chips to measure the changes that happen in the bodies of meditators. In just a few weeks, the volume of tissue in the brain’s emotion-regulation circuits increases, while cancer and metabolism genes are regulated. Among the wide range of topics they cover are:

  • The commonality in all the many meditation traditions is the breath
  • There are many different forms of meditation: chanting, movement, visualization, mindfulness
  • Different learning styles – verbal, visual, auditory, kinesthetic – gravitate to different styles of meditation
  • Find the entry point that’s easiest for you
  • Meditation coordinates all the different channels of your physiology
  • What about when nothing seems to be happening when you meditate?
  • Often the people around you are the first to notice changes when you start a practice
  • Start with a few minutes a day; 2 minutes is enough
  • We touch the transcendent state each day when we’re in deep delta brain wave sleep
  • You need a system to be a successful meditator
  • Unconsciously we’re programmed to think we’re wasting our time when we sit still
  • Find the time of day that works best for you
  • Trick the part of your mind that makes excuses not to meditate
  • Learning to do what’s good for you long-term, elevating it above short-term feelings
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Joe Dispenza, PhD

Thoughts To Things: The Neurobiology of Conscious Creation

  • We turn thoughts to things by making the body believe the event has already occurred
  • Seek elevated emotions that can take us beyond space and time
  • Research shows that meditation, relaxation, and acupressure are all able to change:
  • Tap into the quantum field of all possibilities
  • It’s only available in the present moment
  • It contains all potential
  • Go beyond space and time, everything that keeps you trapped in 3 dimensions
  • The evidence may not appear right away
  • Let go of using your senses to define your reality
  • Creating a vibrational match between your energy and the energy of what you desire
  • Learn to linger in a field where there’s nothing material
  • How would you live your life if all your prayers were already answered?
  • When you demonstrate with small events, you scale up to bigger ones
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Karen Donaldson

Long Term Weight Loss

Karen Donaldson
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Naturally Thin You

Karen Donaldson
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Larry Dossey, MD

Nonlocal Mind, and Brain as Receiver of Consciousness

Larry Dossey image
  • Consciousness has no boundaries
  • Authorities throughout history describe collective consciousness: Plato, William James, Carl Jung
  • Mind is infinite and immortal
  • We can transcend local mind through time in nature, meditation, and reading the experiences of others
  • 50 million Americans have had a Near Death Experience (NDE)
  • Be quiet and pay attention
  • Transcendent experiences of one mind occur more frequently as you practice
  • Eliminate the intrusions of everyday life
  • They make the brain function differently
  • The brain is localized in time and space but consciousness is not
  • 6 categories of proof, including NDEs, remote viewing, precognition, influencing random number generators (RNG)
  • The Wikipedia trolls, people who cannot be convinced no matter what the evidence
  • The brain is like a TV set, projecting consciousness
  • It filters experience – Planck, Boehm
  • Great inventors, savants, creative people have access to nonlocal mind
  • Dreams can be a way of accessing the One Mind
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Pragito Dove

Discover the Miracle of Meditation

Pragito Dove image
  • Getting through childhood by living in my head
  • The Express Meditation and Gibberish techniques
  • After you express the anger, you’re overpowered by the silence
  • Lunchtime Enlightenment
  • When you’re following your passion, things unfold effortlessly
  • Some years are tough – the ebb and flow
  • Things not going well teaches you to accept what is
  • The miracle story of moving to Tucson Arizona
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Matt Gallant

How Energy Therapies Accelerate Happiness

Matt Gallant image
  • You know you’re healing when you feel it in your body
  • Mind training can double alpha brain waves in a week
  • Makes you happier in business and marriage
  • Without neurofeedback, meditation is like finding your destination blindfold in the dark
  • Delta, theta and alpha all feel very different
  • Hiring a neurofeedback practitioner is a shortcut
  • Some of the best tools today are emotiv, neuromore and mind mirror
  • The four levels of forgiveness
  • When you’ve truly forgiven, flood your brain with alpha waves
  • How to make peace with early childhood abuse
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Brandy Gillmore

The Power of the Mind to Heal

  • After an accident, 7 years of pain, wheelchair
  • Looked everywhere for answers
  • Realized that placebo could affect body
  • Began to look at stuck energy and emotions in my body
  • In our culture, we’re often out of touch with our emotions
  • Start communicating with your body
  • Interrupting habitual emotions
  • Exercise in healing pain
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Steven Gottlieb

Tapping For Health

  • Steven is a gifted intuitive healer and personal performance coach who empowers people to transform the most important aspects of their lives for the better.
  • His healing work integrates a variety of techniques including Applied Kinesiology, Spiritual Healing, Energy Balancing, and Energy Psychology (EFT), all of which are guided by higher intelligence through his sessions.
  • Clients often report feelings of tremendous relief almost immediately.
  • His intuitive insights provide deep levels of wisdom about life circumstances that may have never before been fully understood.
  • Blocks to happiness and success are revealed and released.
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John Gray, PhD

Tuning Consciousness to the Universe

  • How one thought, out of nowhere, changed my whole life.
  • Often important intentions arise from a moment of intense suffering.
  • Offering our prayers to the universe.
  • Physical signals of being in tune with our inspiration.
  • How to access expanded consciousness.
  • The role of service and meditation.
  • How meditation raises motivational neurotransmitters like dopamine.
  • Paradox of the sick guru.
  • You also need proper nutritional support.
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Ally Hamilton

The 8 Branches of Yoga

  • There are 8 distinct disciplines within yoga; the physical asanas of hatha yoga are just one of these
  • They show us how to relate to the world and each other in healthy ways
  • Through them we cultivate discernment and self-awareness
  • The self-critical mind can be stilled by the practice of yoga
  • Yoga injuries are a real problem and can be avoided with body awareness
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Jessica Howard

Challenges of Champions

Jessica Howard serves on the board of USA Gymnastics, and is a former three-time US national champion rhythmic gymnast. Studies show large gains in sports performance after using EFT, and many olympic athletes, MLB and NFL stars use EFT. Jessica is also Dawson’s niece. Here they talk about how to eliminate the limiting beliefs that hold you back, control the anxiety that distracts your attention from high performance, and build a strong new self-image of yourself as an athlete of the highest caliber. Here they dialog about about:

  • The mental strain that many athletes are under
  • The shadow side of championship sports
  • How pervasive the abuse of athletes by coaches and teams
  • The need to look good can be at odds with how you feel
  • How EFT works quickly to boost performance
  • It can be used before, during and after a game
  • EFT to reduce injury and promote recovery
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Naomi Janzen

Escaping the Whirlpool of Depression

  • Looking for non pharmacological solutions to depression
  • Asking the right questions is essential
  • Memories are stored in the body
  • Your body speaks to you when you start tapping
  • The messages you get may make no sense to the conscious mind
  • Each level—body, mind, spirit—has its unique logic
  • Form an observer relationship with your problems through journaling
  • Interview your body
  • When I was depressed, I did all the right things, but they didn’t work
  • Helpful people advised me to “Snap out of it” but I was stuck in a whirlpool of anger and grief
  • Before EFT my attempts were like gathering the garbage in my life: I had it in bags, but it was still there
  • Depression is physically painful, every part of your body can hurt
  • Advice I wish I could have given myself back then:
    • You are not alone
    • Don’t isolate; tell someone you’re suffering
    • Just waiting it out over time won’t heal you
    • Getting over depression may take a while
    • Don’t try and wean yourself off meds without medical advice
    • Meditate and journal
  • How to identify which therapeutic method to choose for each problem
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Valerie Knopik

Yoga for Health and Life Balance

Valerie Knopik, PhD, is Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University, and the Director of Research for Yoga Medicine. Formally trained in classical ballet, as well as a former runner, Valerie has always been a believer in staying active but yoga is the perfect marriage of her work in mental health & her love of movement & anatomy. Her research focuses on how our internal biology and our external physical environment (including yoga, mindfulness, and meditation) can interact to positively change our mental health landscape. Here she and Dawson Church dialog about yoga and other practices that lower stress and promote health, covering topics such as:

  • How yoga helps with both physical health and mental problems like anxiety and depression
  • The way the mindfulness you learn in yoga spills over to other parts of your life
  • Research showing yoga reduces the symptoms of psychological trauma
  • Do you need to first get fit to practice yoga?
  • How many times a week for the ideal practice
  • How to get started if you’re stiff or sick
  • Why the small muscle groups are important
  • The time frame in which you notice changes in your body
  • Yoga for weight loss
  • You’re as old as your spine
  • The way yoga affects the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system
  • The risks of yoga injuries
  • Big poses can be misleading and a sign of big ego
  • The importance of correct posture during transitions from one pose to another
  • Why listening the body is essential


Jennie Lee

Connecting With Joy Daily

Jennie Lee is a yoga therapist, and the author of two books: Breathing Love: Meditation in Action, and True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness and Spiritual Fulfillment. She focuses on finding joy in connection with the universe in meditation, and on encouraging her coaching clients to develop a consistent spiritual practice. In this program, she and Dawson dialog about consciousness and how we can shift our lives into connection and happiness with meditation, despite the challenges of busy lives. Topics include:

  • What it means when your life lacks joy
  • How even positive people can get discouraged by life’s setbacks
  • How meditation connects you with the divine energy of love
  • How that love is always there within us
  • The challenge of bringing discipline to a meditation practice
  • Most human life is not conducive to stillness
  • Approaching meditation as a long term endeavor
  • Start small. Developing a consistent habit is the most important
  • The value of 5 minutes a day
  • Stick with one technique, it doesn’t matter which one
  • Thoughts crowd into the minds of even experienced meditators
  • The “why” of meditation, and starting with the intention to connect to source
  • How you stay connected to love in the crazy world we live in
  • Throughout the day, take Mindfulness breaks. Nature. Shower. Music. Rituals
  • The story of losing my daughter at birth
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Rick Leskowitz

How Our Consciousness Shapes Our Material Reality

Rick Leskowitz
  • Rick Leskowitz is a consultant psychiatrist to the Pain Management Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, where he is also the Director of the Integrative Medicine Task Force. A board-certified psychiatrist, he holds an appointment with the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.
  • He has studied energy healing, meditation and hypnosis for over 30 years, and has presented workshops nationally and internationally on the integration of subtle energy techniques and theories with the allopathic medical model.
  • He has written widely for medical and lay journals and has also edited three textbooks: Transpersonal Hypnosis: Gateway to Body, Mind and Spirit (CRC Press, 1999), Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation (Churchill Livingston, 2003) and Sports, Energy and Consciousness: Awakening Human Potential Through Sport (CreateSpace, 2014).
  • His documentary film about group energies and sports, The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention, was broadcast on PBS stations nationwide in the Fall of 2012
  • To find out more about The Joy of Sox movie click here – you will find everything related to the movie, including downloadable copies of the 2 research studies and a link to order the DVD and the companion book
  • To find out more about Sports Energy and Consciousness Group click here – the site describes a group of athletes, coaches and psychologists have developed ways to get into the Zone of peak performance as a spiritual practice.
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Energy and Consciousness in Healing and Sports Performance

Rick Leskowitz
  • Our energy fields have boundaries, and we can sense their edges.
  • Physical trauma produces emotional wounding and this is rarely addressed by doctors.
  • EFT is a great way to release grief and pain.
  • When the Boston Red Sox won the baseball world series in 2004 the whole region was caught up in the energy.
  • The energy of enthusiastic sports fans is measurable.
  • Athletes know the energy of being in the Zone.
  • Sports is a powerful path to transformation.
  • Like magnets, energy fields don’t have to touch to interact.
  • When heart and brain are in coherence, they entrain others nearby.
  • During the emotional peaks of a game, random number generators cease being random.
  • The phenomenon of group consciousness can be as large as an entire nation.
  • The Global Consciousness Project, using a network of computers to monitor worldwide shifts.
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Valerie Lis

EFT for Allergies and Sensitivities

Valerie Lis

Valerie Lis has conducted hundreds of workshops and supported thousands of clients to obtain consistent, lasting results with EFT. She began her practice in 2001, and, since 2011, has been a certified expert practitioner, trainer, and mentor for EFT Universe. She has contributed chapters to numerous books including The Clinical EFT Handbook and is the author of Simplified EFT ™ Tapping : How to Get Exceptional Results Every Time You Tap. She’d suffered from asthma for her whole life and was able to clear it after discovering EFT. This in-depth dialog explores how to use EFT for allergies, sensitivities and similar conditions, including:

  • How half an hour is usually enough time to clear a single allergy
  • The importance of touching the allergen when tapping
  • Do people become more sensitive to environmental toxins over time?
  • How allostatic load increases with exposure
  • Most allergies have an emotional component
  • Nervous excitement looks a lot like the fight-flight response
  • How quickly children clear
  • Using EFT for OCD and compulsive behaviors
  • What to do when allergies don’t clear
  • How to ensure client safety when testing results
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Margaret Lynch

Mastering Manifesting Wealth


  • How Wayne Dyer ruined my life
  • Our subconscious vows that block money and success
  • Why marketing is sharing your gifts with others
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Reggie Mckiver

Mastering Manifesting Wealth

Reggie Mckiver image

  • Fear is a phenomenon in the body not just the mind
  • We have 66,000 thoughts each day and most of them are negative
  • Even in physical occupations like the army and police, energy alignment is vital
  • The church has a fractured relationship with energy healings
  • Getting in touch with your intuitive healing gifts
  • I went from making $13 an hour to a six figure income in under a year
  • I asked my guidance for how, and it said, “Make soap!”
  • Everything I think and say manifests in 3 – 6 months
  • See God in everything, not just spirituality
  • True guidance may make you feel uncomfortable
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Judith Orloff, PhD

The Empath’s Survival Guide

Judith Orloff image

  • The difference between an empath and a highly sensitive person
  • Educating your family members about what it’s like to be an empath
  • Setting boundaries once you discover you’re an empath
  • The importance of grounding
  • What an empath needs changes every day
  • How to parent sensitive children
  • What overwhelm feels like to empaths
  • Mirror neurons wire your brain for empathy
  • Empaths have heightened dopamine sensitivity
  • Many empaths cope using drugs or food
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Judith Pennington

Science of meditation, brainwaves & spirituality


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Donna Pinto

Giving Wellness

donna pinto face shot

  • Is your gut telling you the “standard of care” treatment protocol for DCIS is overly aggressive? harmful? frightening? and wrong?
  • Are you looking for support and alternative options?
  • Do you feel like you are going insane dealing with the maze of doctor visits, confusion, overwhelm and scary statistics?
  • Are you interested in learning more about holistic healing strategies and ways to reduce risk of DCIS recurrence or progression?
  • If yes, DCIS 411 was created for you.
  • Click here for DCIS support. For Donna’s Wellness Access website
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Dean Radin, PhD

Finding Happiness

  • The mind has the ability to affect matter
  • At the subatomic level, atoms respond to thought
  • The double slit experiment: Observation changes the behavior of molecules
  • The intentions of meditators exert a more powerful influence on matter
  • The life area to which we pay the most attention is the one we excel at
  • Clarity: Be extremely clear about your desired outcome
  • Attention and intention happen outside of space-time
  • Consciousness is not locked into space-time
  • The principle of “retrocausation” in physics
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Jonathan Robinson

Finding Happiness

  • Transformational technologies are getting better every year
  • There are now natural and legal substances that can boost cognitive power
  • Others are able to improve mood
  • Devices that manage the brain’s EEG rhythms to produce feelings of euphoria are now on the market
  • Apps are available to produce greater levels of health, happiness and relationship satisfaction
  • There are many ineffective devices and pills; this is a guide to some of the best ones
  • View pdf here
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Martin Rutte

Project Heaven On Earth

    The Three Heaven On Earth Questions:

  • Recall a time when you experienced Heaven on Earth.
    What was happening?
  • Imagine you have a magic wand and with it you can create Heaven on Earth. What is Heaven on Earth for you?
  • What simple, easy, concrete step(s) will you take in the next 24 hours to make Heaven on Earth real?

Submit your answers to these questions and see how others answered at: Project Heaven On Earth

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Amy Scher

Healing Yourself When No One Else Can

  • The devastation of Lyme disease
  • Recovering from severe brain and joint damage
  • The role of stem cells in healing
  • The value of big disappointments
  • Breaking free of dependence on others
  • Our bodies respond immediately to thoughts and beliefs
  • The healing tree
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Dan Siegel, MD

Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human

Dr Dan Siegel

Dan Siegel, MD, is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine. He is the author of several bestselling books including Mind: A Journey into the Heart of Being Human. In this two-part series, Dan and Dawson talk about how much bigger the mind is than the brain. They reference research showing that quantum entanglement applies not just at the molecular level, but to to large living systems. Besides fields at the level of atoms and molecules, there are large-scale fields extending even to the level of societies. These may be the mechanism connecting minds at a distance. When we fill our personal experience with love and kindness, our interior worlds reach out to shape the larger fields of nonlocal mind.

  • What is the mind? What is the experience of the self truly made of?
  • How does the mind differ from the brain?
  • Though the mind’s contents—its emotions, thoughts, and memories—are often described, the essence of mind is rarely, if ever, defined.
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Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human—Part 2

  • The old view that mind and consciousness are epiphenomena of complex brains is outdated
  • There are social fields that connect large numbers of human beings
  • Energy is the movement of possibility to actuality
  • While Newtonian properties apply to the brain, quantum properties apply to the mind
  • Entanglement is the way we connect nonlocally
  • Thoughts can move intention toward collapsing possibility into probability
  • How the phenomenon of shared mind can extend to the macro level
  • Entanglement may be the way groups influence each other
  • Love is integration made visible
  • The 3 ingredients of a connected life: Focused attention, open awareness, kind intention
  • Kindness and compassion begin in the internal world but shape social fields
  • Your state of mind will influence people 3 degrees of separation away
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Matthew Sweigart

Reading Your Body’s Energy

matthew sweigart headshot
  • How my early experiences as a gymnast and singer set me up for bodywork
  • The history of Shiatsu. Shi = finger, atsu = pressure
  • Balancing the 6 channels of yin and 6 of yang
  • The correct amount of finger pressure to apply
  • Reading the body’s energy
  • Can you do Shiatsu on yourself?
  • Qi Gong (means “life energy cultivation”) lowers cortisol and boosts dopamine
  • How much practice time each day is best?
  • Manifestation story: “I need a break”
  • Psychic marketing and inner readiness
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Joanna Turner

The Needs Behind What You Want

Joanna Turner headshot
  • The universe speaks to us in signs
  • How health and money crises can help us shift
  • Seeing everything as “interesting” rather than good or bad
  • Being in the flow produces synchronicities
  • When to flow, and when to push past your comfort zone
  • You can’t want change for someone else, they have to want it themselves
  • Using EFT for physical pain
  • Why becoming visible is full of challenges
  • What’s behind the money or other goals
  • Can you have balance in all life areas?
  • Entrepreneurs don’t have enough fun
  • Enjoy the journey, because after each challenge there’s another one
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Bessel van der Kolk, MD

The Body Keeps the Score

  • Psychological trauma is a physical not just a psychological condition
  • After each war there has been an upsurge in interest in PTSD but it then dies down
  • The body keeps the score, and people with much trauma have impaired health
  • PTSD affects every system: hormones, brain function, immunity
  • There are effective treatments like EMDR and EFT
  • Institutions like the VA and APA are slow to change and offer them to sufferers
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Jan Watkins

The Re-Set Button for Your Emotions

  • About my 3 careers: You can do anything you want to do
  • As an attorney, saw family breakdown up close
  • Certified in many techniques, EFT is my “go to” method
  • How professional burnout is common among coaches and therapists, and how to reverse it
  • If you could talk to the 20 year old version of yourself, what would you say?
  • Desensitization to our emotional turmoil as the key to happiness
  • The goal of all healing techniques is to get us back to emotional neutral
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The Exciting Breakthroughs You’ll Experience in an EFT Workshop

    Jan L. Watkins, JD, MSW is a coach and psychotherapist in private practice in the Washington, DC area. She helps clients work through difficult emotions, including trauma, and clear limiting beliefs to eliminate barriers to empowered living. Jan has used EFT for more than 15 years and is an EFT Expert Practitioner, Trainer and Mentor. She offers trainings and workshops in energy psychology. She is a contributing author to the Clinical EFT Handbook. She and Dawson cover topics such as:

  • The way limiting beliefs often have both a physical and emotional component
  • How trainings give you a quick start to success with EFT
  • How EMDR and EFT can be used together in therapy
  • The range of cases, from an 18 month old who wouldn’t get in his car set, to a 50 year old cancer patient
  • How to find the type of EFT training that’s best for you
  • The way people quickly gain confidence when they train in Clinical EFT
  • As children, we weren’t taught to deal with our emotions
  • What happens when we use EFT to clear emotional reactivity
  • Families, couples, singles, entrepreneurs, and professionals all benefit from EFT
  • When we project our sense of self differently, circumstances often mysteriously change
  • The changes you experience after EFT training will often shatter your beliefs about what’s possible
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Christy Whitman

Designing Your Future

  • How I learned to listen to my inner voice
  • When to follow the experts, and when to strike out on your own path
  • The Seven Universal Laws
  • How the Law of Attraction works with the other laws
  • Your inner knowing as a physical sensation
  • Hooking up with guidance from the universe
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