Work with Dawson on the Show

Thank you so much for your interest in being a guest on my show, and your commitment to your own wellbeing!

I work with people live on the show frequently. I ask those wishing to work with me to complete this guest application so that I can get to know them before we’re live on the air.

Please fill out the guest application below, and then hit “submit.” That will place your application in a private folder in which I can review it.

The purpose of this guest application is to provide me with background information in order to serve you better. Your medical and personal information is confidential, with the exception of the three items noted with an asterisk (*), and whatever you choose to disclose live on air.

To make sure you get the most from your session with me, please watch this brief video now. It will give you simple tools that we’ll use together on the show. Knowing these tools in advance is essential to a successful session. After you’ve watched the video, please press “submit” to send in your application.

Thanks again! Dawson

Please fill out the application below:

  1. Dawson Church High Energy Health – Guest Application
  2. Please fill out this 8 item research survey here. I’ll ask you to complete a second survey after you work with me on-air, and a third one a few months later:




By submitting the guest application you agree to the following: